On 9 February in Tomsk, Aleksey Chervyakov and Yaroslav Spiridonov, representatives of JSC CONCERN TITAN-2 Youth Policy Division met the administration representatives and students of the Tomsk State University of Architecture And Building (TSUAB).

The structure weight is 180 tons, the diameter is 9.5 m, the height is 2.3 m.

As part of the preparatory works for construction of the production and technical complexes for processing, recycling and deactivating waste of hazard classes I and II, the works to dismantle the buildings and structures in the city of Mirny in the Kirov Oblast and in the city of Kambarka in the Udmurt Republic are ongoing. The customer of the works is the Rosatom State Corporation.

The equipment was moved to the reactor hall to the elevation +26.300 using the open top technology through an open roof of the building using a heavy-duty self-propelled crawler crane.

This year, the company hosts students during winter for the fifth time. Almost one hundred fifty students will work in the company from January until March

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