They are manufactured at the production site of TITAN TECHNOLOGY PIPELINE LLC in Sosnovy Bor.

The power unit is a part of pilot and demonstration energy complex (PDEC) of Proryv project, which is based on Siberian Chemical Combine in the city of Seversk of the Tomsk Region.

El Dabaa NPP is the first nuclear power plant in the northern Africa. The plant will have four VVER-1200 reactors and will be the largest one on the continent.

Decision on issue of the License in favour of JSC Akkuyu Nuclear has been agreed by the Council of Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NDK) of the Turkish Republic.

Currently, the specialists are concreting the foundation slab of the reactor building and erecting the walls of the turbine building.

This is a welded metalwork that consists of 24 sections – two separate tiers with 12 sections each.

The concreting volume comprises about 2.5 thousand cubic meters and the overall weight of slab is about seven thousand tons.

These are the support truss, the thrust truss, the reactor dry containment, and the heat insulation of the reactor pressure vessel cylindrical part.

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