Notice Appendices
04.10.2022 08.10.2022 EL_SUS149 Supply of Lubricants and spare parts for LIEBHERR tower cranes Completed
05.10.2022 12.10.2022 EL_SUS150 Supply and Installation of Anti-collision Systems for Tower Cranes Completed
05.10.2022 12.10.2022 EL_SUS152 Supply of bearing frame concrete blocks for tower cranes Completed
06.10.2022 13.10.2022 EL_SEM153 Supply of power cables Canceled
06.10.2022 13.10.2022 EL_SEM154  Supply of cable terminations Canceled
10.10.2022 17.10.2022 EL_SEM155 Supply jf Weldeng set CADWELD Completed
10.10.2022 17.10.2022 EL_SEM156 Supply of Sea Container DC40 Completed
10.10.2022 17.10.2022 EL_SEM157 Supply of Round Copper Conducter RD10-CU Bettermann Completed
11.10.2022 17.10.2022 EL_IT128 Supply of Virtualization Servers Canceled
11.10.2022 09.11.2022 EL_SEM145 Supply of transformer substations and switchgears Canceled
13.10.2022 20.10.2022 EL_IT159 Supply of cartridges for office equipment Completed
13.10.2022 20.10.2022 EL_IT160 Supply of uninterruptible power supplies Completed
27.10.2022 03.11.2022 EL_SEM161 Supply of double wall corrugated pipes and couplers Completed
17.10.2022 25.10.2022 EL_SUS162 Supply of spare parts andaccessories for LIEBHERR cranes Completed
19.10.2022 27.10.2022 EL_SEM146 Supply of a vibroplate and gasoline generators Completed
20.10.2022 27.10.2022 EL_164 Supply of rails with component parts Completed
24.10.2022 31.10.2022 EL_IT166 Supply of Uninterruptible Power Supplies and battery sets Completed
24.10.2022 31.10.2022 EL_SUS167 Rental of boom-type crawler crane Completed
24.10.2022 01.11.2022 EL_SEM163 Supply of power cable Completed
25.10.2022 01.11.2022 EL_SEM169 Supply of tinned flexible copper wire 70 mm2 Completed
27.10.2022 03.11.2022 EL_SEM170 Supply of plastic-insulated end sleeves and jointing sleeves Canceled
02.11.2022 09.11.2022 EL_SEM174 Supply of Amenity Container Unit (Construction Trailer) Completed
02.11.2022 11.11.2022 EL_SEM175 Supply of end sleeves 20kV Canceled
02.11.2022 11.11.2022 EL_SEM176 Supply of power cables Completed
02.11.2022 11.11.2022 EL_SEM177 Supply of cable accessories Completed
07.11.2022 14.11.2022 EL_IT179 Supply of Virtualization Servers Completed
07.11.2022 14.11.2022 EL_IT180 Supply of SSD Drives Completed
07.11.2022 17.11.2022 EL_SEM178 Supply of geodetic equipment Completed
08.11.2022 17.11.2022 EL_SUS181 Supply of slings Completed
17.11.2022 06.12.2022 EL_IT191 Supply of Servers SAP Canceled
22.11.2022 29.11.2022 EL_198 Supply of Bottled Drinking Water Completed
28.11.2022 06.12.2022 EL_IT207 Supply of IP Phone and Phone Power supply Completed
01.12.2022 09.12.2022 EL_SUS208 Supply of Concrete Blocks of Central Ballast and Counterweight Blocks for Tower Cranes Completed
06.12.2022 12.12.2022 EL_IT211 Supply of AutoCAD  Completed
06.12.2022 13.12.2022 EL_SEM213 Supply of furniture Completed
06.12.2022 27.12.2022 EL_214 Supply of sea containers 20 feet and 40 feet DC Open for bids
Procurement Notice EL_214 Apps EL_214
06.12.2022 14.12.2022 EL_215 Supply of land surveying equipment (RGK, Sokkia, SJA) Completed
07.12.2022 14.12.2022 EL_216 Supply of alcohol breath analyzer and component parts Open for bids
Procurement Notice EL_216 Apps EL_216
22.12.2022 29.12.2022 EL_222 Supply of Electric Tools Open for bids
Procurement Notice EL_222 RFPset EL_222
23.12.2022 29.12.2022 EL_223 Supply of the materials for waterproofing works  Open for bids
Procurement Notice EL_223 RFPset EL_223
12.01.2023 19.01.2023 EL_228 Supply of Formwork Systems for Tower Cranes Open for bids
Procurement Notice EL_228 RFPset EL_228
13.01.2023 20.01.2023 EL_SEM230 Supply of adjusting equipment Open for bids
RFPset EL_SEM230 RFPset EL_SEM230
16.01.2023 23.01.2023 EL_SEM210 Supply of personal protective equipment Open for bids

Procurement Notice EL_SEM210 RFPset EL_SEM210
16.01.2023 23.01.2023 EL_SUS241 Rendering services using construction machinery with a crew Open for bids

Procurement Notice EL_SUS241 RFPset EL_SUS241
12.01.2023 19.01.2023 EL_227 Supply of road reinforced concrete slabs Open for bids
Procurement_Notice_EL_227 RFPset_EL_227
11.01.2023 19.01.2023 EL_229 Supply of consumable materials Open for bids
Procurement_Notice_EL_229 RFPset_EL_229
20.01.2023 26.01.2023 EL_255 Supply of diesel compressors with chassis Open for birds
Procurement_Notice_EL_255 RFPset_EL_255
23.01.2023 30.01.2023 EL_IT257 Supply of SAP Servers Open for bids
Procurement Notice EL_IT257 Apps EL_IT257