TITAN-2 Holding and Finnish construction company Lemminkäinen have launched the construction of a residential building in Sosnovy Bor.

Today, TITAN-2 holds 90 percent of shares of the said company and can use them in the holding’s business transactions. The board is currently considering the possibility of selling 39 percent of shares at the request of JSC TEK-Mosenergo in addition to the 10 percent purchased by this company earlier.

“Fabrikant” trade portal held an annual survey of the e-procurement market and determined most conscientious bidders.

In the water treatment building of the first power unit of Leningrad nuclear power plant under construction, production of chemically desalinated waters has started.It will be used for flushing of the plant equipment and operation check of all its systems.

Specialists of the first crew of «MSU-90» and «Department of motor transport» have successfully executed installation of large-sized equipment on the second power unit of Leningrad nuclear power plant.

Senior pupils from Sosnovy Bor school no.9 have visited the Finnish town of Pyhjajoki where construction of “Hanhikivi-1” nuclear power plant had started.

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A training centre for preparation of employees for construction complex of nuclear industry will be opened on the basis of “TITAN-2” holding. It will be the third – "Northwest" branch of the training centre. The first one is in Moscow, the second one – in Novovoronezh.

Construction crew no.6 of "Motor transport department” is carrying out construction of a pedestrian and pipe tunnel at the second power unit of Leningrad nuclear power plant under construction.

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