The reason to file a claim against Joint Stock Company Metrostroy specializing in construction of St. Petersburg subway was its failure to fulfill its contract commitments to build the power unit No. 1 at the Leningrad NPP-2. Metrostroy has actually broken the deadline to complete a number of the major facilities. Delay on some works is more than 100 days.

Specialists of the first Area of JSC MSU-90 have mounted the last fourth unit of equipment in the reactor building of the first power unit of the Leningrad NPP under construction. 

The Rosatom Training Center is built in the production shops of TITAN-2 holding. Specialists involved in construction of nuclear industry facilities in the Northwest region will be trained there. 

Specialists of area No. 1 of JSC MSU-90 are finishing installation of racks in the nuclear fuel pool. 

Students from the student groups work under the guidance of PJSC SUS specialists at the construction site of the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). 

A series of video footages "CONSTRUCTION DIARY" of TITAN-2 holding was selected among the winners of National Corporate Video and TV Contest “Silver Threads-2016”.

The agreement includes the excavation and dredging works of the intake channel for cooling water, harbor basin, back-up intake channel, and under the pier, diversion dam and the breakwater. In addition, the agreement includes an option for the construction works of breakwaters, coastal protective embankments, pier, and lock structures for the back-up water intake channel and diversion dam.

Sergey Naryshkin, the Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation visited the construction site of Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) on July 8th and familiarized himself with the construction of new power units and presented special awards to the best builders of Titan-2 holding. 

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