Baltiysk, Gadzhiyevo and Ust-Luga

причалы балт

TITAN-2 has commissioned facilities at the platform of the berth in the village of Gadzhiyevo. It has carried out the large-scale overhaul of the topside structure of the berth of the water area of the Russian Naval base in Baltiysk, Kaliningrad Region: it has demolished and dismantled the existing covering of the topside structure of the berth and conduits, has constructed the topside structure of the berth, has placed concrete on the surface, has refitted and installed conduits and has replaced engineering networks and communications.

OJSC UAT, a subsidiary of the Group, has been involved in the construction of Ust-Luga Seaport (Leningrad Region). The works in Baltiysk and Ust-Luga have been completed.

Chkalovsk, Krymsk, Severomorsk, Yeisk and Engels


The company reconstructs airfields. It performs sub-grading, foundation and paving operations for runways and taxiways, creates drainage, water-collecting and water-carrying systems, constructs concrete roads and demolishes and dismantles buildings and structures.

The works for the airfields of Krymsk, Severomorsk, Yeisk and Chkalovsk have been performed in full.