St. Petersburg


The South-Western TPP is the basic source of heat/power supply to new quarters of the Southwest Primorsk part of St. Petersburg and the Baltic Pearl multi-purpose complex.

JSC SEM, a subsidiary of the Group, has performed a full range of electrical installation works during the phase 1 construction of the South-Western TPP.

St. Petersburg


The North-Western TPP is the first Russian binary cycle power plant. This is a state-of-the-art technology allowing to reduce the consumption of natural gas in power production by 25% compared to the most advanced steam power units. It also has no equal in terms of environmental protection. The companies of TITAN-2 Group have installed equipment manufactured and supplied by SIEMENS, unit- and station-level automated process control systems, gas turbines and other electrical equipment and a chemical water treatment tank farm for Power Units 1 and 2 of the TPP.

OJSC TEN, a subsidiary of the Group, repairs and calibrates the instrumentation of the North-Western TPP (about 2 thousand items per year)