Sosnovy Bor


The new sports facility became available in Sosnovy Bor thanks to the support from Rosenergoatom Concern. Specialists of TITAN-2 Holding were involved in the concreting of the site bedding.

This project became the first and the only basketball court in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region so far that was built to the Olympic standard for 5х3 and 3х3 games. The project was designed for 456 seats, with the total capacity for 600 people.

The opening ceremony for the new sports cluster took place on August 6, on the 95th anniversary of Leningrad Region. 

Solnechnogorsk, Moscow Region


The construction project Senezh Management Lab is a modern general education centre. It is intended to run training programs and events for leaders of public organizations, government employees, promising young professionals, public activists, and volunteers. JSC CONCERN TITAN-2 is the General Contractor for the construction of the centre.

The complex stands on the bank of the lake Senezh, 40 kilometres away from Moscow. The centre occupies 85 hectares of land. There will be five function zones there: the Northern Campus, the Southern Campus with the main facilities, the embankment, the open air forum area, and the recreational forest with pavilions.

A total of 39 facilities will be built for the Senezh Education Centre. Those will include: public and administrative spaces, hotels, sports infrastructure, and administrative buildings.

Berdsk, Novosibirsk Region


CONCERN TITAN-2 is the General Designer and the General Contractor for the project. The Customer is Public Law Company Single Customer.

The rehabilitation centre for 300 patients will be built on the shore of the Berdskiy Bay. The total area of the centre will be over 60,000 square metres. The centre will provide high-technology care for children aged 1 to 18, suffering from diseases of the nervous system, the musculoskeletal system, the sensory organs, and rheumatic diseases.

The centre will have five 24-hour in-patient wards, a day hospital for 75 beds, a treatment unit, a consultation and diagnostics unit, as well as administrative, technical and auxiliary facilities. The project is to be put in operation in 2024.

Sosnovy Bor


Reconstruction of the southern part of Primorsky Park began in June 2021. CONCERN TITAN-2 played a role in the reconstruction project. The project was delivered in the spring of 2022.

Now, the park has footpaths, lights, a wood deck, tables and benches, a lecture centre, a fair, a stage, a public transport stop, and other infrastructure.

The total area of the lecture centre is 250 square metres. Shower rooms, a mother-and-child room, and a staff room are available in the building. The complex is completely autonomous.

Sosnovy Bor


JSC CONCERN TITAN-2 is the General Contractor for the construction of a new kindergarten for 240 children. The Customer for the construction is the Administration of the town of Sosnovy Bor.

Specialists of the holding company started building the project in 2020. The site area is over 2,000 square metres. The new kindergarten is a modern three-storey building, around 14 metres high. The pre-school facility is designed for 12 kindergarten groups.

CONCERN TITAN-2 completed most of the project construction work on its own. The specialists performed site preparation and soil excavation, built the foundation, and installed the utility lines. They also performed construction and installation, electric installation and commissioning work.

The project was delivered in the autumn of 2022.

Sosnovy Bor


The Regional Volleyball Centre is the largest regional volleyball centre in Northwestern Russia. It was built at Sosnovy Bor, on the bank of the river Glukhovka.

Specialists of the holding company began preparatory work on the site of the future Regional Volleyball Centre in September 2017, with several subdivisions of TITAN-2 Holding involved: JSC CONCERN TITAN-2 – the General Contractor; Branch CONSTRUCTION OF FACILITIES BY OWN RESOURCES of JSC CONCERN TITAN-2 – construction works; JSC MSU-90 – assembly and installation of the metal frame; JSC SOSNOVOBORELEKTROMONTAZH – electric installation works. The construction and installation works were completed precisely as scheduled – in September 2019. 

In addition to the construction work, specialists of JSC CONCERN TITAN-2 did the off-site area landscaping, built a parking lot for 158 cars, and restored the vegetation around the complex.

There is a huge multitude of various facilities available in the complex: a gym, changing rooms, coach offices, lounges, cafés, doping test rooms, and WCs for spectators.

Today, the sports complex serves as the home court for the volleyball team Dynamo – Leningrad Region.