Дудинка, Красноярский край


«КОНЦЕРН ТИТАН-2» участвует в реконструкции нефтебазового хозяйства в Норильском промышленном районе. Специалисты Обособленного подразделения компании ведут работы на Норильской, Каейрканской и Дудинской нефтебазах.

Кроме ремонта и монтажа резервуаров и каре резервуаров для нефтепродуктов на всех трех базах реконструируются железнодорожные эстакады, монтируются системы налива топлива в железнодорожный, грузовой и спецтранспорт.

Novy Urengoy, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District

Новый уренгой

The Group is performing a package of works for the installation of equipment for a new power plant. The main works are being carried out in the main building and air condensate unit, where the company’s specialists are installing process automation equipment and instrumentation.

The Company is also installing a power supply unit for electrified fittings and gas and steam turbine plant automatic control systems.

JSC SEM’s personnel is currently performing electrical installation works and is installing instrumentation and automated control systems in a polyethylene manufacturing unit under construction.

The works at the Gas Chemical Facility commenced in February 2013 and are to complete in December 2017. To date, JSC SEM’s specialists have laid more than 50 km of cable (control, power and fiber one), have tested and installed over 850 units of instrumentation and have installed about 100 stands and over 30 tons of metalwork.


OJSC ACRON is one of the leading Russian mineral fertilizer producers. TITAN-2 Group’s companies are regularly involved in the overhaul of technological equipment under the program for the modernization and expansion of the enterprise’s production capacities.

TITAN-2 Group has been involved in the modernization of Units 1 and 2 of an ammonia plant. The Company’s specialists have replaced 19 sections of a vacuum air extraction system of a steam turbine of a synthesis gas compressor. When reconstructing Unit 3, the Group’s experts have replaced 50 large sections of air extraction systems, as well as heat exchangers and process pipelines. JSC SEM, a subsidiary of the Group, designs and constructs cable racks and maintains and repairs cable routes.  



TITAN-2 Group has performed a significant part of civil, installation and plumbing works for the Kirishi Oil Refinery as part of a project for the construction of an advanced oil refining complex.

The construction site measured in total about 100 hectares. The Group’s companies have constructed such facilities as racks, pipelines, compressor and control rooms, new wastewater treatment plants, cooling towers, power substations, a heat system, tank farms and pump stations. The works have been performed at 16 facilities of the complex.

TITAN-2’s electrical installers have installed instrumentation, power equipment and lighting on the steam reforming and concentrated hydrogen sections and the engineering system section on the main trestle of the complex and have performed a number of other works.