The Company’s core business activities are industrial and civil construction and overhaul of nuclear power plants and other facilities, buildings and structures.

The Company’s structure allows it to carry out a full range of project construction works, i.e. foundation works, construction of buildings, erection of steelwork, concrete products, and roofing of any type, construction of utility systems and roads, landscaping and interior finishing. The departments and enterprises of PJSC SUS perform design, civil and excavation works and provide facilities with roads, electric power, transport and building materials.

The Company’s construction base comprises three concrete mixing stations, two concrete products plants, a metalwork shop, a dry mortar mixing plant, and two sand pits with sand for the production of concrete and light-textured soils for road construction. The Company also has an accredited construction laboratory and a training center that operates under a license issued by the Education Committee of the Leningrad Region. The training center has trained over 150 thousand builders.

PJSC SUS has participated in the Leningrad NPP service life extension project and in a radioactive waste storage facility construction project. The Company is currently performing in-situ concrete and finishing works at Leningrad NPP-2.


  • general contract management;
  • work execution design;
  • civil works;
  • finishing works;
  • production of concrete and reinforced concrete products; and
  • initial and advanced training of steelfixers, concrete workers, steel and reinforced concrete structure erectors, exterior pipefitters, roadworkers, carpenters, painters, plasterers and slingers.

Performance: 8,000 tons of reinforcing steel per year


SUS was established by the USSR Ministry of Medium Mechanical Engineering in 1966 as a general contractor for the construction of the Leningrad NPP, the town of Sosnovy Bor, the Aleksandrov Institute of Research and Technology and other nuclear facilities.

The Company’s experts have taken part in the construction of the Ignalina NPP in Lithuania and the sarcophagus for the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and in mitigating the consequences of the 1988 Armenian earthquake.

In 1992, the Company was reorganized into Open Joint-Stock Company SUS, having preserved its stock of orders and retained its specialization in the construction and modernization of nuclear facilities.

SUS has been awarded the Order of the October Revolution for its labor merits.

Main projects:

Leningrad NPP, radioactive waste and spent fuel facilities; Leningrad NPP-2; facilities of the Vavilov State Institute of Optics; social facilities in Sosnovy Bor; and the St. Petersburg Flood Protection Barrier.



Aleksandr Shcherikanov, General Director

Yuliya Bykova, Chief Accountant

Legal address:

7, Leningradskaya Str., Leningrad Region, Sosnovy Bor 188540, Russia

Phone/fax: (81369) 2-24-56

e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.