A training centre for preparation of employees for construction complex of nuclear industry will be opened on the basis of “TITAN-2” holding. It will be the third – "Northwest" branch of the training centre. The first one is in Moscow, the second one – in Novovoronezh.

Construction crew no.6 of "Motor transport department” is carrying out construction of a pedestrian and pipe tunnel at the second power unit of Leningrad nuclear power plant under construction.

«TITAN-2» Holding has concluded a long-term contract to perform concrete works for construction of «Hanhikivi-1» nuclear power plant in Finland.

Employees of «TITAN-2» Holding have taken part in the auto-rally devoted to the 72nd anniversary of full lifting of the blockade of Leningrad. It took place on the route Sosnovy Bor – The Road of Life – «The Broken Ring» Memorial.

Construction electricians of JSC “SEM” continue works in the control building of LAES NPP under construction Leningrad nuclear station.

Construction electricians of crew no.1 of JSC “SEM” are executing works to prepare for flowing at the decompressed reactor of the first power unit of LAES NPP under construction.

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On January 19th, 2016 the first blasting of rock took place on the construction site of Finnish nuclear power plant "Hanhikivi 1”. That was the start of preparation for construction of the future nuclear power plant.

2 diesel engine-generator units with capacity of 6300 kW have been delivered to the building of reserve diesel power station of LAES NPP the under construction.

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