LOT NO.         NAME OF PROCUREMENT PROCEDURE SCHEDULED STARTING DATE Arrangement of power supply and communication networks, and fire alarm system of storage facilities buildings 90USK, 95USK, 96USK, 97USK, 98USK, 99USK, 91USU, 92USU, 93USU, 94USU 3rd quarter 2021
227.6 Supply and installation of the equipment of the 91USV Construction Laboratory 3rd quarter 2021
563 Monitoring of the sea water turbidity and current speed 3rd quarter 2021
102.8 Supply of Couplers for Mechanical Splicing the Reinforcing Steel, Supply and Installation of Equipment for Works Consisting in Preparation of Reinforcement Bars to Mechanical Splicing Using Couplers for Reinforcement Shop (93UST) 4th quarter 2021
219.4 Arrangement of the bitumen-concrete pavement of the parking lot and adjacent territory for the 94UYF 95UYF Access Control Point 1st quarter 2022