224 "Site improvement for administrative buildings 94UYA, 95UYA, canteen building 92UYD and parking for automobiles (92UZD)" 3rd quarter 2019
171 "Arrangement of water supply network on the main construction site" 3rd quarter 2019
226 "Arrangement of pavilions to wait for buses 91UZA и 92UZA, parking for trucks 91UZD and parking for automobiles 92UZD" 3rd quarter 2019
131 "Arrangement of Supplements storage 91USK" 3rd quarter 2019
218.1 Construction of construction base buildings under Hanhikivi 1 NPP: Pre-installation preparation Shop (96UST), Turbine Shop (98UST), outdoor preassembly area (94UZC), Storage of gas cylinders (94USK), outdoor preassembly area (92UZC), Workshops of Chief Mechanic and Chief Power Engineer (95UST) (Internal utilities, remained scope of works under lot 218) 3rd quarter 2019
234 "Installation of diesel-generator plant of preparation period 90UAS" 3rd quarter 2019
228 "Storage site arrangement for crushed rock (add. Site No 2)" 3rd quarter 2019
231 "Installation of crane facility for buildings of construction and installation base" 3rd quarter 2019
107.2 "Construction of  storage facilities 91USU, 92USU, 93USU, 94USU, 97 UYA, 98 UYF, 90USK, 95USK, 96USK, 97USK,  98USK,  99USK, Check point, Administrative building, site improvements for storage facility (fencing, asphalt concrete pavement arrangement, gates installation" 3rd quarter 2019
220 "Asphalt roads and sidewalks paving in the construction base territory. Road signs and markings" 3rd quarter 2019
159 "Operation of modular boiler houses 91UTH, 92UTH, 93UTH" 3rd quarter 2019
176 "Operation of temporary dams" 3rd quarter 2019
188 "Operation of wheels washing and weigh station" 3rd quarter 2019
101.2 Supply of modular boiler-house 91UTH  4th quarter 2019
223 "Arrangement of outdoor storage sites 97UZC" 4th quarter 2019
219 "Construction and installation works: site improvements for check point 91UYF and 92UYF, site improvement for check points 93UYF and 94UYF, installation of turnstiles (96UYF) and barriers, arrangement of wheels washing, arrangement of weigh station, Excavation and external utilities for Check points 94UYF and 95UYF, Routing of external power supply network for 94UYF and 95UYF" 4th quarter 2019
137 "Supply of equipment and furniture for medical center 90UYJ" 4th quarter 2019
139 "Supply of storage systems for storage facility buildings" 4th quarter 2019
140 "Supply of furniture for administrative building and checkpoint of the storage facility" 4th quarter 2019
191 "Supply of furniture and inventory for storage of rolled metal products and materials" 4th quarter 2019
172 "Works for installation of process equipment of CIW buildings" 4th quarter 2019
200 "Supply of package transformer substations 91UBD, 92UBD, 93UBD, 94UBD, 95UBD, 96UBD" 4th quarter 2019
203 "Supply of a distribution substation (С1) 20 kV (90UAF)" 4th quarter 2019
167 "Supply of furniture to the construction laboratory building" 1st quarter 2020
227 "Works for construction of the construction laboratory building (91USV)" 1st quarter 2020
202 "Supply of offsite diesel genset of preparation period 90UAS"  1st quarter 2020
234 "Installation of diesel-generator plant of preparation period 90UAS" 3rd quarter 2020