101 Independent NDT&DT Laboratory Services at the "Hanhikivi-1" NPP site 3rd quarter 2017
105 Development of DD for Contractor’s working shops 3rd quarter 2017
42 Execution of CIW on drainage for the main buildings and facilities 4th quarter 2017
112 Execution  of CIW  for NI levelling concrete  4th quarter 2017
69 Execution of CIW on foundation ground wire 4th quarter 2017
107 Execution  of CIW  for vertical levelling and for construction of I-st phase of  storage facilities 4th quarter 2017
102 Execution  of CIW  for “turnkey” construction of  air duct assembly shop (95UST) 4th quarter 2017
96 Construction of standby water outlet structure 10UQU at the aquatorium of Hanhikivi-1 NPP 4th quarter 2017
72 Installation of ICPS anchor castings at the building 10UJA 4th quarter 2017
70 Reinforcement of ground slabs 10UJA 10UJE 4th quarter 2017
71 Installation of pipelines and drains of the foul water system after fire extinction (GML) at the buildings 10UJA 10UJE 4th quarter 2017
109 Development of DD for levelling concrete of main buildings and structures of TI 4th quarter 2017
106 Execution  of CIW for construction of the Contractor’s working shops 1st quarter 2018
110 Execution  of CIW  for levelling concrete of main buildings and structures of TI 1st quarter 2018