Notice Changes
12.12.2018 08.02.2019 218 Construction of the following buildings at the Hanhikivi-1 NPP construction site: Pre-Installation Shop (96UST), Turbine Shop (98UST), Outdoor Pre-Assembly Site (94UZC), Bottle Warehouse (94USK), Outdoor Pre-Assembly Site (92UZC), Chief Mechanic and Chief Power Engineer’s Shops (95UST). Open For Bids
Procurement_notice_218 Notice_of_change_218_II
22.01.2019 21.02.2019 184 "Supply of weight station  94UZD" Open For Bids
Procurement_notice_184 -
08.02.2019 22.02.2019 136 “Performance of lifting operations within the territory of Hanhikivi-1 NPP (framework contract)” Open For Bids
Procurement_notice_136 -
18.10.2018 22.02.2019 200 Supply of Modular Transformer Substations 91UBD, 92UBD, 93UBD, 94UBD, 95UBD, 96UBD. Open For Bids
Electronic trade platform Procurement_notice_200 Notice_of_change_200VIII
13.11.2018 22.02.2019 203 Supply of switchgear (C1) 20 kV (90UAF) Open For Bids
Electronic trade platform Procurement_notice_203 Notice_of_change_203V
28.12.2018 15.01.2019 215 «Supply, assembly and installation of the furniture for the Administrative buildings 94UYA and 95UYA» Processing of the Bids
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18.08.2017 16.10.2017 FH1-17-(001-024) Qualification of participants of the request for proposals for supply of priority equipment for “Hanhikivi 1” NPP Processing of the Bids
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08.06.2018 29.06.2018 64.1 Concrete mixes independent laboratory tests in accordance with Preliminary concrete test program Processing of the Bids
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06.11.2018 26.11.2018 148.8.1 Supply of cranes for reinforcement shop (re-tendering) Processing of the Bids
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13.09.2018 28.09.2018 174 Supply of modular boiler house Processing of the Bids
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15.10.2018 08.11.2018 FH1-17-022 Supply of pipelines and drains Processing of the Bids
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19.10.2018 14.11.2018 107.1 Construction of storage facilities 91USU, 92USU, 93USU, 94USU, 97 UYA, 98 UYF, 90USK, 95USK, 96USK, 97USK, 98USK, 99USK, development of on-site and external utility networks, area fence and installation of block-modular boiler 91UTH. Processing of the Bids
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