148.6 Utility networks installations and interior finishing works in buildings 93UST, 92USN, 93UYA on the Hanhikivi-1 NPP Construction base. 4th quarter 2018
112 Construction and installation works on leveling concrete for the NI and TI 4th quarter 2018
69 Construction and installation works on the foundation earthing system 4th quarter 2018
190 Rock soil excavation of 10UQJ surge pool and 10UPU distribution pool. Construction and installation works to arrange drainage of the main buildings and structures. Soil excavation for 12UQU, 11UQP, 10UPP tunnels 4th quarter 2018
191 Pit excavation works for the main buildings and structures of Hanhikivi-1 NPP to the design levels 4th quarter 2018
201 Switchgear 20 kV for Reinforcement Production Workshop 4th quarter 2018
204 Equipment for Anti-Corrosion Treatment Shop with Paint Booth 94UST  4th quarter 2018
205 Supply of modular boiler house (91UTH) 4th quarter 2018
206 Supply of modular boiler house (93UTH) 4th quarter 2018
101 Provision of the services by the independent laboratory for testing base metal and weld joints of materials, equipment, and structures on the Hanhikivi-1 NPP site 1st quarter 2019
64 Independent Civil Laboratory Services at the “Hanhikivi 1” NPP Site 1st quarter 2019
108 Development of the turbine hall DD 2 stage 1st quarter 2019