Lot № Lot description Summarizing date Number of participants Winner
Execution of the package of construction works for preparation of the construction base area of “Hanhikivi-1” NPP 01.07.2015 4 DESTIA LTD
2 Construction of power supply networks 20kV and fiber-optic communication line (FOCL) networks of the construction base for Hanhikivi-1 NPP (Stage 1) 03.09.2015 5 Andament Group Ltd.
6 Dredging works of the water area of the catch basin and the quay (stage 1, 200, 000 m3) for “Hanhikivi-1” NPP 05.10.2015 4 WASA DREDGING LTD.
4 Design and survey for construction and modernization of Nuclear Power Plants on: “Hydraulic Structures: intake sea-level channel (10UPF), catch basin(10UPE), standby sea-level intake channel (10UPB), culvert (10UPG), protective dike (10UZS) for “Hanhikivi-1” NPP” (Development of DD for hydraulic structures) 13.10.2015 6 Sito Oy
8 Pit excavation for main buildings and structures. Stage 1: removal of top soil 13.10.2015 4 Andament Group Ltd.
11 Pit excavation works for main buildings and structures of “Hanhikivi-1” NPP. 11.12.2015 8 DESTIA LTD
12 Supply of concrete for construction of “Hanhikivi-1” NPP. 01.02.2016 3 Ruskon Betoni Oy
14 Environmental monitoring 08.03.2016 6 EHP Tekniikka NabLabs Oy
15 Construction of water supply and household sewage networks on construction base (Stage 2) 04.04.2016 5 Ab Tallqvist Infra Oy
30 Engineer survey for Detailed Design development. 07.04.2016 2 Geobotnia Oy
9 Supply of transformer substations (construction base) 18.05.2016 8 ABB s.r.o.
31, 32 Development of Detailed Design Documentation for Hydraulic Structures 25.05.2016 1 Sito Oy
10 Provision of services of sorting and disposal of wastes. 20.05.2016 2 Suez Suomi Oy
24 Construction of Sorted Waste Station 06.07.2016 5 Lapin Teollisuusrakennus Oy
29 Installation of lighting networks of the construction base area, Installation of networks 0,4 kV, FOCL networks, earthing networks for mobilization camp. 08.07.2016 4 Eltel Networks Pohjoinen Oy
1 Rent of Site office and canteen at the mobilization camp. 29.07.2016 2 Cramo Finland Oy
22 Development of Basic Design and Detailed Design Documentation and construction and installation works for accommodation camp of “Hanhikivi-1” NPP 25.08.2016 12 Rakennuskartio Oy
49 Geodetic network plan of "Hanhikivi-1" NPP 29.08.2016 8 Mitta Oy
27 Construction of Water Supply Pumping Station 06.10.2016 3 Suomen Maastorakentajat Oy
50 Construction dressing rooms (14 pcs. for 2600 people) at the Temporary mobilization site 19.10.2016 9 UAB “PROFILEKSAS”
25 Development of Detailed Design Documentation and construction and installation works to erect two Administrative buildings: for the Contractor (200 pers.) and the Customer (200 pers.) and a First Aid Medical Center for NPP “Hanhikivi-1” 17.11.2016 5 AS MARU EHITUS
37 Installation of transformer substation 20kV, arrangement of power supply 20kV, FOCL and External Lighting Networks at the main site for “Hanhikivi-1” NPP 10.02.2017 5 Joint Stock Company SOSNOVOBORELECTROMONTAZH
47 Construction of external discharge hydraulic structures at the aquatorium of “Hanhikivi-1” NPP 13.02.2017 8 AS BMGS Eesti filiaal
54 Construction and installation works to build a local waste treatment facility for “Hanhikivi-1” NPP 28.02.2017 2 Ab Tallqvist Infra Oy
35 Installation of transformer substation 20kV at the construction base area” for “Hanhikivi-1” NPP. 31.03.2017 3 Pluvo OÜ, Suomen sivuliike
53 Development of Detailed Design Documentation and construction and installation works to erect a canteen for 600 seats for NPP “Hanhikivi-1” 07.04.2017 7 AS MARU EHITUS
33 Pit construction for buildings 10UPC, 10UPH; construction of access tunnels for 10UPR, 10UQN; construction of tunnel pits 11UQP, 10UPP, 12UQP; construction of tunnels 10UPR, 10UPN, 10UQN of Hydraulic structures at the Hanhikivi-1 NPP site 21.04.2017 8 Skanska Infra Oy
48 Protection of the pit for main buildings and facilities of Hanhikivi-1 NPP  20.04.2017 3 DestiaLtd.
92 Installation of power supply 0,4kV for VP-2 at the site for Hanhikivi-1 NPP 26.04.2017 1 Joint Stock Company SOSNOVOBORELECTROMONTAZH
93 Installation of power supply 0,4kV for VP-0 at the site for Hanhikivi-1 NPP 15.05.2017 2 Joint Stock Company SOSNOVOBORELECTROMONTAZH